The official application of Sporting Bet



Sporting Bet is the official application of the betting house with the same name. It allows you to bet on hundreds sports events around the world using your Android device. Users just have to pick the sport they like and bet.

The main issue with Sporting Bet is that the official app is just a direct access to the web page, so it's kind of the same. That means that with this app you can do exactly the same from your Android than you could do with a computer.

As usual in this type of betting apps, users of Sporting Bet can bet final results or specific situations. So, you can bet on how many touch downs will be in a match or even who will score the last one.

Sporting Bet is a decent app because the movil version of Sporting Bet's web page is decent. That said, the amount of sport matches you can choose for betting is outstanding.
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